God’s Plan For You is Your True Destiny


Rebekah Beene

When I was born I already had a name my parents had picked out for me. I already had a baby bed and clothes, diapers and bottles. Everything I’d need as a baby was furnished for me. My mother was prepared to care for me. Nobody questioned that I should be born or that I’d need care. I was incredibly loved. I had the usual weaknesses and issues of infancy but I was loved and cared for anyway.

God speaks to my heart: I love you. Before you were born I already knew your name and I had everything you’d ever need for life and godliness prepared for you. I never once looked at My creation and withheld My love from you. From your mother’s womb My plan for your life was secure.

Oh beloved, the life of a believer is so blessed! God already prepared! God already loved! God…

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