Simple Elephant – Free Pattern

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A Little Unwound

As mentioned, many times before, elephants are sort of a big deal in my house. They are my younger daughter’s “favorite ever”. They are also the first thing I ever made that wasn’t a straight back and forth blanket/scarf. I have linked to a decent Lion Brand pattern before. The problems that I had with the pattern were mainly the trunk. I really, really disliked the towards trunk. So, while my initial elephant was only a bit better, I have since honed the skill to make some pretty remarkable elephants. I used the below pattern as a guide to even make my macro-amigurumi. I had initially decided to sell this pattern, but I have since changed my mind, and I am going to happily post it here, for all to see!

Worked in rounds (do not join, do not turn) using any weight of yarn with corresponding hook size…

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Flea Protection for Pets!

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Spark Naturals Blog

Is your poor dog being attacked by fleas? That’s never a good thing, especially in winter when your pets are likely spending a little more time inside of your home! Here is a simple – but very effective and natural – way to get rid of fleas on your dog or pet:

dog itch smallFlea Protection Ingredients:
-8 drops melaleuca oil
-4 drops lavender oil
-1/4 Cup water.


-soak collar overnight, let dry, put on dog.
-repeat every 2 weeks!

Enjoy! ClickHEREto share on Facebook so your family and friends can help their pets too!

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All Comfort is Available

I know that I know that I know ♥

Rebekah Beene

With the break in of a friend’s car at the motel, she had to talk with a police officer, a glass repairman and her husband. It took time to gather all her wits about her, to gather her spiritual strength and to gather the items they had strewn outside her vehicle. Thankfully her son was also a police officer and he told her he would meet her there. Isn’t it such comfort to have help when things are rough?

Oh beloved, your life may have been ransacked, at least it feels that way. The things you value have been strewn around like so much confetti. Stuff you hold dear has been left for trash out in the rain. You’re standing here today looking at the mess and you wonder who to call on first for help. One thing I can promise, because it’s promised in the Word of God –…

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The Tapestry Will Be Finished

and He will complete the work He has begun!!! Amen ♥

Rebekah Beene

Last weekend I had the opportunity to share God’s love with women I love. Some I have known and loved a long time. Others were brand new to me. All were gifts straight from the Father to me. I look at this group of women as a tapestry. Some have a story that isn’t quite perfected yet- but they came seeking a Word for their season.  One woman told me of her son’s miraculous change and we rejoiced that in just a year from the last retreat we were at together God had done the exceedingly abundant miracle of life for that son and so too for his mother. Another young woman shared of the miracle of making it in spite of the storm, in spite of the horrors of loss. Altogether such a beautiful tapestry of God’s unfailing love and His awesome love plans for His daughters no matter…

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You Are God’s Masterpiece

Amen & Amen ♥

Rebekah Beene

My mother made all her grandchildren quilts. She got done except for finishing the edges of one of my daughters. Somehow my son took his with him somewhere and before I knew it there was mildew from being left in the damp. I was frustrated. My mother spent a lot of time on that and I considered it a masterpiece. Why would anyone drag around something so special and leave it out to the elements?

Oh beloved, you are God’s Masterpiece! He has worked since before the foundation of the world to create in you a life that is full of beauty! Once you said yes to Christ, God began to repaint your life with more beautiful accents than ever before. Don’t leave yourself out in the elements! Speak life to yourself instead of repeating the lies of the enemy. Remind yourself often what a blessing you are. God says…

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texas lady juanita

When I was about seven years old one of my friends, who we will fictitiously name TrueBlue, told me something that would temporarily devastate me in that singular way children can fixate on a very bad secret. What TrueBlue had told me is, “My Mamma told me that your family is going to hell. While your daddy is barbequing on your driveway, he drinks beer.” Being a tender-hearted child, I went home and cried my heart out.

Even at that young age, I eventually reasoned the whole thing through, and made a little headway to my eventual discovery that there is a difference between faith and man’s religions. What triggered the beginning of me developing my faith, instead of one of man’s religions, came by surprise a few months later. I was asked to get the lettuce out of TrueBlue’s refrigerator while sandwiches were being made for our lunch. There…

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God’s Plan For You is Your True Destiny


Rebekah Beene

When I was born I already had a name my parents had picked out for me. I already had a baby bed and clothes, diapers and bottles. Everything I’d need as a baby was furnished for me. My mother was prepared to care for me. Nobody questioned that I should be born or that I’d need care. I was incredibly loved. I had the usual weaknesses and issues of infancy but I was loved and cared for anyway.

God speaks to my heart: I love you. Before you were born I already knew your name and I had everything you’d ever need for life and godliness prepared for you. I never once looked at My creation and withheld My love from you. From your mother’s womb My plan for your life was secure.

Oh beloved, the life of a believer is so blessed! God already prepared! God already loved! God…

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