Keep on the Road with Jesus

GLORY!!! ♥

Rebekah Beene

A young woman was recently walking at one of the scenic areas of the Buffalo River, when a truck came in her direction. She stepped off the pavement and into the fangs of a poisonous snake. It was bad, she was bitten multiple times. But she survived and is out of the hospital and will go on to a full wonderful life.

God speaks to my heart. She stepped off the road for her safety but it wasn’t safe at all.

You’re just one step away from God’s glorious plan for your life. But it doesn’t seem safe at all. It’s fearful at times. While satan wants you to step off the road and he wants to perform the crushing bite of his will over God’s, you aren’t going to step away from God. You are going to step into God. Don’t flinch over anything that comes at you. Stay…

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