God Wants to Speak to Your Heart!

late, but so worth it ♥

Rebekah Beene

Image result for paintbrush and palette

We attended a Prophetic Art workshop last weekend. Because our 7 year old grandson loves to paint and draw, we took him with us. He was thrilled to get the opportunity to paint. This art workshop had less to do with getting a painting right and more to do with hearing from the Lord. Perfection wasn’t the goal here. Sure enough, Blakely painted a lovely picture of skies and water with birds flying over the water. And he understood the interpretation of his painting very well.

This class was especially a blessing because it taught all of us how to hear from the Lord in a deeper way, putting onto paper how He wants to speak to each person and that it was open to all – men, women and children painted. It was very deep, but even a child can understand. In fact, we must become as little children…

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