All God’s Benefits are Secure

Amen… blessed to be reminded ♥

Rebekah Beene

Our health benefits plan is changing through the company I work for. There was a huge amount of payments made last year. Because of all the pay out, we now must incur a premium increase. Not only will we have an increase in premiums, our out of pocket cost will increase as well. Benefits cost someone and now we will be absorbing that cost.

God’s benefits never run dry and God’s provision for them all never ceases! He is always giving us benefit upon benefit. He never expects payment or shows partiality in any way. We don’t even have to pay the premium for Christ paid that for us! He paid that price one time on the cross. But our benefits are daily and His mercies are new every morning. Every single morning for eternity. No one is counting costs at the corporate office for the Lord. Nobody is saying…

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How Do I Clean My Diffuser

diffuser cleaning


My diffuser is looking pretty sad! I decided it needed a nice cleaning. All diffusers will come with instructions on how to clean them but if you are like me, you no longer have those instructions! Plus, I wanted an easy trick that I could clean all and any diffusers with.

This is what my diffuser looked like before I cleaned it 😦

diffuser dirty

This is what my diffuser looked like after I cleaned it 🙂

diffuser clean

Much better right?!

All I did was fill up the diffuser with half vinegar half water. I then let it diffuse over night but it really only needs to diffuse for a few hours. Make sure you use tap water and not filtered water or distilled water. If your diffuser is acting a little weird I recommend you give it a nice clean and then see how it works. Most of the time it will…

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How To Use Vinegar To Kill Weeds – A More Natural Approach

vinegar+salt+dish soap= weedkiller!!!

Old World Garden Farms

In our garden and planting rows, weeds have never been much of problem utilizing heavy applications of mulch, cover crops in the off-season, and a simple 5 to 10 minute-a-day approach to weed maintenance during the growing season.  See: Growing Simple With Raised Rows

The vinegar solution works great for a natural way to control weeds in our stone paths like the ones around our fire pit The vinegar solution works well to control weeds in our stone paths – like the ones around our fire pit

However, when it comes to maintaining our driveway, stone walkways, paths, and brick patios around our property, a thick coat of mulch and a planting of cover crops doesn’t quite give us the look we are shooting for when it comes to beautification.

For us, the answer to keep these areas free of weeds has been a simple natural weed killer solution using vinegar as the main ingredient.  It has not only proven to be effective – but so much safer than ever having to use a single drop of a commercial…

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Aromatherapy for Men

EOs for Men


Let's get CREATIVE...-3

Fathers Day is just around the corner. We don’t often take the time to let the men in our lives know how much we appreciate everything they do for (and with) us. My dad taught me to ride my first bike, took me fishing, built snow dragons and taught me the value of hard work. My husband supports all my ambitions, is a fantastic Daddy to our two girls and also happens to be my best friend. I have many friends who are also amazing men in their own right.

I am guilty of not making it known how much I appreciate these wonderful men in my life. So, why not make something special to show your man how much you care. Perhaps you’re making something for your Dad, your significant other or your best friend. Let’s get started on some project sure to pamper your favorite guy!!

We chose 5 drops of Cedarwood and 4 drops of Sandalwood for this lovely beard oil! We chose 5…

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