Essential Oils: The Lemondropper Morphine Bomb

essential oils

My Unrefined Life

I’ll be brief on this one, but I wanted to share with you the ultimate MORPHINE BOMB recipe the Lemondroppers came up with. I received some free Copaiba and Balsam Fir from my orders with Young  Living and I already had Frankincense from my Premium Kit. Rewind about 7 years when I was in undergrad. I injured or over used something that for this long thought was my shoulder, turns out it’s something in my neck radiating to my shoulder (still trying to figure that out). Well, whatever it is, causes a lot of pain and weakness in my upper body. I decided yesterday since I had the supplies, I’ll give a Morphine Bomb a try (no side effects!). I took one in the AM and I was seriously pain free for about 10 hours, 10 hours people!!!!! I can’t remember the last time that happened. Oh wait, it was…

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