Pull Out All the Stops in Faith!

Rebekah Beene


The old pump organ still plays after all these years. I rarely try it anymore, but I still remember how. There is a row of “stops” that you pull out and push in to make different tones. Each one has a name. If you push all the stops in, all sound is silenced. No matter how hard you pedal those old pedals or pick at those ivory keys, not a single sound will come forth. If you pull out all the stops, it makes the richest most resonant tone ever. Without pulling out all the stops you get half measure of what the organ’s sound can fully be.

Oh beloved, have you been living with half measures? Are you reticent about trusting God completely? Are you thinking it might be dangerous to live full throttle with Him? It’s time to pull out all the stops! Don’t hold back another moment…

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