God is Never Disappointed with You

Rebekah Beene

Everywhere you go this time of year, Christmas carols and songs are being broadcast through the speakers in almost every store. The bright decorations and lights are shining all over. Yet I can’t help but notice that Christmas is not so wonderful for everyone. When the season should bring smiles to all faces, it seems to bring much distress to many hearts.  So many people struggle during the holidays.   Any one of us might find ourselves face to face with our disappointments and frustrations.  If we’re not careful we can begin to believe that God is disappointed and frustrated with us. And while we’re hurting and just trying to tolerate the season, we may begin to believe that God is simply tolerating us.  That He’s putting up with us but at any moment the axe will come down and our hope will be crushed forever.

Oh beloved, it’s time to…

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