God Will Never Discard you as Unusable

thank you, Lord ♥

Rebekah Beene

For a live Christmas tree to be useful for a home, it has to go through some trauma. Lots of trimming goes on all during the growing years. Heavy machinery not little snips and tucks here and there. No gentle nudging. Rather, huge swipes of sharpened blades. When that tree is picked to grace a home, there is a final chop to the very base and in essence the tree dies. It gets the loose needles shaken from its boughs and tied up to be used a short time and discarded.

We are a lot like those trees. We go through all sorts of trauma in our faith growing years. Each nip and swipe of hurts, rejections, abandonment, misunderstandings, faithlessness, discouragement is felt with our whole hearts. But there is a Manager, who owns us all. And He knows what He’s doing. He’s fitting us for His home. He’s shaking…

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