God’s Presence Heals all Hurts

♥ He just needs us to surrender ALL the pieces ♥

Rebekah Beene

One of our grandsons has had tubes put in his hears and his tonsils and adenoids removed. It takes a while to get over this surgery. He’s been staying in the bed with his parents at night, so that his mother can tend to him better. It seems that his worst moments come in the middle of the night. Yesterday he told his mom that he felt like he hadn’t slept in his own bed for weeks! She explained that the reason she was concerned about letting him sleep in his room was that she might not hear him calling out when he needed her. She reminded him that it hurts for him to talk right now. He pondered all that and responded that he thought he’d just stay in the parents’ room until he was well.

Oh beloved, are you going through a hurtful season? Maybe you feel the…

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God is Never Disappointed with You

Rebekah Beene

Everywhere you go this time of year, Christmas carols and songs are being broadcast through the speakers in almost every store. The bright decorations and lights are shining all over. Yet I can’t help but notice that Christmas is not so wonderful for everyone. When the season should bring smiles to all faces, it seems to bring much distress to many hearts.  So many people struggle during the holidays.   Any one of us might find ourselves face to face with our disappointments and frustrations.  If we’re not careful we can begin to believe that God is disappointed and frustrated with us. And while we’re hurting and just trying to tolerate the season, we may begin to believe that God is simply tolerating us.  That He’s putting up with us but at any moment the axe will come down and our hope will be crushed forever.

Oh beloved, it’s time to…

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God Will Never Discard you as Unusable

thank you, Lord ♥

Rebekah Beene

For a live Christmas tree to be useful for a home, it has to go through some trauma. Lots of trimming goes on all during the growing years. Heavy machinery not little snips and tucks here and there. No gentle nudging. Rather, huge swipes of sharpened blades. When that tree is picked to grace a home, there is a final chop to the very base and in essence the tree dies. It gets the loose needles shaken from its boughs and tied up to be used a short time and discarded.

We are a lot like those trees. We go through all sorts of trauma in our faith growing years. Each nip and swipe of hurts, rejections, abandonment, misunderstandings, faithlessness, discouragement is felt with our whole hearts. But there is a Manager, who owns us all. And He knows what He’s doing. He’s fitting us for His home. He’s shaking…

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Crochet tea cosy pattern… finally!

love this cozy!!!

The Green Dragonfly

Is it time for a cup of tea??

Crochet tea cosy free patternAs requested… one scrumptious crochet tea cosy tutorial!  I call it the rosy posy tea cosy, because Im such a geek and I love anything that rhymes! Crochet tea cosy free patternHere’s my take on making the perfect simple crochet tea cosy…

This is made using 8ply yarn and a 4mm hook (but any hook and the right weight yarn for the hook will work).

Step 1: Take your tea pot and chain a length which is long enough to fit around the base of your pot. Add two extra chains, then turn and half double crochet into the third chain from the hook, HDC along the length, turn chain two and work back again. At the end of this row, test your tea cosy foundation on your pot and see if it is high enough to sit snugly under your spout.  If not, add another…

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