He Calls Me Friend!

I am so very thankful ❤

Rebekah Beene

We laughed and cried and enjoyed rich friendships this past weekend. We were talking about how long our friendships will last. Over 50 years for some. I even laughed and said pinky swear with one of our friends when we were sharing that we’d always be friends.

There are times when for one reason or another friendships wane. New directions, restless hearts, lack of commitment. Sometimes God just moves people out of your way so that you can move on. You may have done the pinky swear, spoke undying allegiance or just knew you’d be friends forever. But you can’t make people stay friends, you can’t push the relationship and you can’t get in the way of God. You have to let people be people.

Your relationships that meant so much to you may have crumbled right before your very eyes. Nothing you did. But first one thing and then…

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Holly’s Hot Savers

I like these… into the gift box 🙂

Raising Robertsons Farts

My cousin Holly and i are both moms of two busy little boys. Hers are older and great examples of young men. I try to keep in touch with her as much as I can. Last we spoke, She requested some plate settings/ hot savers for her Apple themed kitchen!! I made two of each color to match. They came out to be around 8.5 inches in diameter both ways.


Holly’s hot savers
Hook- 5.5MM
YARN. Red heart LOVE (lettuce green)
Red heart super saver (holiday red)
Dc -double crochet
Ch- chain
Slst- slip stitch

Row1:Dc in 4th sp from hook. *Dc in next five, ch1 skip, dc, repeat 2 more times. (Ending w/dc) Dc in next five. Repeat from * til end.
Row2: ch1. Dc in next 6, *ch1 skip, dc. Repeat 2 more times. Dc in next 5. repeats from* til end
Row3: repeat…

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Mongolian Tundra Cowl

I think I love this!!! 🙂

Raising Robertsons Farts

Sometimes I just walk by a yarn and inspiration happens! That happened the last time I poked my head in Michaels. They teamed up with my favorite designer Isaac Mizrahi to make a line of yarn!


I went with the heavy duty Sutton inspired yarn. Used s little under four balls of it. Its warm and not scratchy at all! It can be worn several ways too. It’s just time time for the colder season. I literally finished it the day I could start to see my breath outside :/


Mongolian Tundra Cowl.

*4balls Sutton super bulky by Isaac Mizrahi(if unavailable, any wool/acrylic blend will work)
*Hook size N
*Terms used: ch(chain) dc(double crochet) slst(slip stitch) sc(single crochet)

Slst to form circle. Do not twist cord.
Row1: Sc in each sp across. (130 sc) slst to first sc.
Row2: ch4, skip 2 sp, *sc, ch4, skip 2 sp. repeat…

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He Will Get You Through It

♥ Amen!!

Rebekah Beene

God is Bigger Trailer

God is Bigger…

Our Stella is a real miracle as most of you know. Born at 1 pound and 13 ounces, we held our breath and held tight to God’s promise. Today she is a 3 ½ year old diva, full of spunk and spitfire. She got in a little trouble and told me “no” several times. I swatted her bottom. She looked at me and indignantly said, “I tell my daddy!” and “he’s big!” That tells me two things. She’s sure her daddy will take care of her and she has him wrapped around her little finger. Both things are good. She’s not that spoiled but she believes her daddy will get her through any kind of trouble.

We do feel mistreated at times. We run to our Daddy God and we announce to the world “I’m telling my Abba Father!” and “He’s big!” God is indeed bigger than…

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Don’t Go Back to the Old Measuring Ways

Glory to God!!! ♥

Rebekah Beene

perfected in christ

The flea market had a new booth with cute signs written on old barn wood. Although the signs were great, the boards themselves were irregular. My daughter wanted one of the signs for her bedroom. But she wasn’t sure she could deal with the imperfection. Finally, she decided to go ahead and purchase it. It was just what she wanted and she chose to overlook it being less than perfectly proportioned.

Life is imperfect. We want things all neat and tidy and even. It’s not. We’re not. We tend to scold ourselves when the imperfections of life show and we tend to get frustrated with God. We have a choice to make. Nothing on earth will be perfect.  Do we go with it and trust God to work it all out? Or do we spend time lamenting what we can do nothing about and miss the blessing of this day?

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