The Valley of Shadows

Truly a needed word in a needful time!!! God bless you, Rebekah!!! ♥

Rebekah Beene

This is one of the busiest times of year at my office. We are just done with county fair and district fair. End of year reporting is in full rush and the state fair is coming up as well. Lots of things have to be done now!  I feel burdened with getting it all done now. I feel buried beneath the have to do stuff and the other things tugging at me. Overwhelmed could be the word and worn out could be the mode. I realize that my work load is a blessing in disguise so I try to give thanks even when it’s busy busy busy.

As I was thinking about all that had to be done at work, at home and elsewhere, I heard this Scripture snippet whisper into my mind: In the valley of the shadow of…   God speaks to my heart. Life is a lot of…

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