Fruitful Living No Matter the Season

Blessed ♥

Rebekah Beene

Psalm 65:11

She brought her soil sample in and we visited for a while. They had a bumper crop of purple hull peas this year. And her husband had mowed the vines down several weeks before. The amazing thing, she shared, was that the vines had already come back up, blooming and beginning to set some pods again. A second crop of peas was on the way.  You’d think that mowing the vines down to the ground would be the end of it. But no, even in the harsh treatment, there was life. Not just life, but fruitfulness as well.

Oh beloved, life has mown you down has it? You’re feeling that all your growth and significance is over. Your planting watering and giving increase season seems so long ago. Trouble came in and shredded your hopes and dreams and all you thought you had left was bare ground.  But God says…

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