This is Your Season for the Gospel

Amen!!! ♥

Rebekah Beene

Your mission field may not be in Africa or India but it is in your home, in your school, and at your job. Serve Christ well right where you're at.

One of our dear friends has been placed in a nursing facility. We were flabbergasted to hear of the news. We cannot see the reason but she is in her mid 80’s and suffering with some memory loss. It happens. While we want to remember her as a vital part of society, and especially part of the Christian community at large, we know that God has a plan for her even in the circumstances she finds herself in now.  One thing we know, wherever this dear saint is, she is sharing the Gospel and praying for people always.

As I pondered her situation God brought Paul and Silas to mind. He spoke to my heart, “Paul and Silas were in prison, but that did not keep Me from using them nor did it keep them from their ministry I had called them to.”  I reviewed what all happened while Paul…

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