Charmy’s Supercharged Slippers

great pattern!!!

Raising Robertsons Farts


I had a special request for some Stillers (steelers) colored slippers! What perfect timing to get them done too! Those Stillers have a game TONIGHT!

I wanted to make them extra special instead of just hooking up another pair of what I always make, so I wrote my own pattern this time. This pattern is fast and easy to work up. It even has a little zing in color change.


Charmy’s Supercharged Slippers
Red heart
4.25MM hookG size 7-9.
5MM hook size 10/11
For my husbands feet I use a 8.0 hook (estimated men’s size)

Start with magic circle.
1.) 10dc in center of ring. Join w/SlSt
2.) Ch2(counts as 1st dc), dc in same sp. *dc in next sp, 2dc repeat from* til end. Join to ch2
3.) Ch2, dc in same sp. *dc in next 5 sp, 2dc.repeat from* til end.end w/ 2dc
4.) Ch2, dc in same…

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