A Case of Mistaken Identity

the deceiver keeps on keepin’ on…

Rebekah Beene

My mother and her sister Anna Ruth looked so much alike that people on the street often mistook them for one another. My mother was often greeted by folks who had been helped in the hospital where my aunt worked as a nurse’s aide.  Mistaken identity often caused laughter in this case, since both sisters were very close and loved one another greatly. But in another case of mistaken identity back in the 1800’s, Adolph Beck had the bad luck of looking exactly like a renowned jewel thief. He found this out one day during a chance encounter with a woman who accused him of stealing her jewels. When the police came, they arrested him solely on the evidence that he totally like the real thief. He spent much of his life getting repeatedly arrested for this other guy’s crimes simply because they looked like twins.

I’ve had my own…

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