Five Minute Friday – Whisper

Amen!! ❤

Rebekah Beene

The wind whispers through the trees. The gossipers whisper on the breeze. Satan whispers your mistakes, errors and pain.  

But God whispers through it all.  When the dust settles and the winds die down, one thing remains. The Lord’s lovely whispers into our hearts. Nothing else can be trusted. Whispers of wind may bring no real weather change, no true cooling, no atmospheric difference. Gossipers who whisper bring more hurts, pain, agony and the kinds of changes nobody wants. But when God whispers, oh the joy.

More often than I want to remember, I looked to the earth for changes. I looked beyond the gossip for worth. I believed the lying whispers of the enemy of my soul. Worthless, useless, unforgivable…

But one whispered encouragement from God through a friend, through my spouse or from the Lord Himself changes everything.

This morning as you hear all the noise and…

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