Frazzled and Frayed Isn’t Your Style

He promises sweet rest… Amen!!

Rebekah Beene

Frayed, frazzled jeans were the thing back in the day. The more stressed and worn out they were the better it was,  especially the hems that we walked on.  We worked hard to get those jeans just right. Even the bell bottoms had frayed edges and it was cool.

Today’s families are frayed and frazzled, as the moms and dads (and even grandparents) are trying to juggle everything between work, family, church and other duties. All the things that society says we must do along with all the extra activities that drive us to distraction make for frazzled lives. Before long we find that we are expressing frayed feelings in traffic, towards our mates and even our children. I know I’ve said it myself, “If I could just have a moment of peace!”

You know how it feels to be frazzled and frayed. You’ve been unraveled by the circumstances that…

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