Enjoy God’s Lavish Accommodations!

Amen! ♥

Rebekah Beene

I am blessed  with all... Ephesians 1:3  Bible Verse Vinyl Wall Decal Quotes

While attending a seminar recently, we stayed in a really nice motel that had a block of rooms reserved for the attendees from out of town. It was a very nice room. Large and spacious, you could say it was lavish as far as motel rooms go. We enjoyed it thoroughly and laughed that we’d like to remodel our own master bedroom at home after the accommodations.

Songs are sung and people discuss how faith is and how heaven will be. “Give me a cabin in the corner of glory land”  comes to mind as everyone just wants to make it to heaven. Somehow we think that God will let us be miserly in heaven. We presume that we can’t accept the idea of a mansion – we don’t deserve it. So we hope that as we barely make it God will somehow let us have a little cabin, small…

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