A Snake in the Road?

“Oh beloved, what’s that you’ve been trying to kill? Swatting it with a broom won’t do a thing. Avoiding it by living in the ditch won’t help either. God says today you are to stand up to the enemy’s fake snakes! You are anointed for the battle and God is appointed to give you victory. Say no to fear, worry, chaos as well as the lies others have said over you, about you or to you. God has given you a vaccine that keeps you free of the enemy’s hold and immune to the enemy’s lies.” ~~ Rebekah Beene

Hallelujah!!! ♥

Rebekah Beene


Three grandkids and I were headed to their mom’s house where they’ve moved to a nearby town.  As we were driving and singing and laughing I spied a snake in the middle of the highway. It looked multicolored so I just had to turn around and see what type it was. As we passed it again I started laughing. Someone had placed a rubber snake in the highway! It looked almost like a coral snake. I wonder how many people had run over it hoping to get one more poisonous snake out of the way.

As I took a photo over the hood of my car and we drove on, God spoke to my heart.  There are lots of snakes in life and many of them are in are just fake. But we feel snake bitten just the same. We’re afraid of what’s in the road ahead of us and…

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