“Ornamental” Pot Holders!

Christmas is coming (Aug 6, 2014)

Crochet with Raymond


Wow, thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post… New Zealand is such a beautiful country and I do love sharing the special bits of it with some of the rest of the world!  The crochet and knit community anyway!  And yay, I felt pretty spesh after reading some comments about me learning to knit in the round… I’m slightly addicted to this right now, but more about that another time!

Today’s post is about colourful, fabulous crochet…. Crochet I’ve been dying to show you since the start of the week but wasn’t here, so have been WAITING to post, and that has been hard!!!  As I had quite a bit of time at KB’s parent’s house to sit out in the sunshine, (oh bliss, the weather has been dreadful in Wellington) I made the most of my relaxation time and spent a lot of…

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