God’s Word is the Perfect Fit

Rebekah is a tool that is willing to be used by the Lord… directed by His Holy Spirit!! A blessing to me! ♥

Rebekah Beene

As I go through a closet of old high school clothes and prom dresses I am reminded of the fun and not so much fun I had with daughters while trying on those dresses. Whether buying or renting the dress, they did have to fit just right. The top might be a little tight and the waist might be loose. The length might not be long enough. Each part of the dress had to fit together rightly – the top, the shoulders, the waist, the length. Without everything coming together the dress would look disheveled at the least and altogether unlovely. No girl wants to go out on the town in a dress that doesn’t fit right everywhere.

The Word of God is a perfect fit for humanity. The Gospel is perfect for anyone, no matter their background, their preferences or their past. No matter what, the Gospel will fit…

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