Frazzled and Frayed Isn’t Your Style

He promises sweet rest… Amen!!

Rebekah Beene

Frayed, frazzled jeans were the thing back in the day. The more stressed and worn out they were the better it was,  especially the hems that we walked on.  We worked hard to get those jeans just right. Even the bell bottoms had frayed edges and it was cool.

Today’s families are frayed and frazzled, as the moms and dads (and even grandparents) are trying to juggle everything between work, family, church and other duties. All the things that society says we must do along with all the extra activities that drive us to distraction make for frazzled lives. Before long we find that we are expressing frayed feelings in traffic, towards our mates and even our children. I know I’ve said it myself, “If I could just have a moment of peace!”

You know how it feels to be frazzled and frayed. You’ve been unraveled by the circumstances that…

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Great words… thanks, Rebekah!!!

Rebekah Beene

The bad guys in the Westerns always say loudly, “Reach for it!” and whip out their pistol to see who’s fastest, meanest and most ferocious. 

The pageant entrants want to “Reach for the stars!” and parade across with all they have in all their fashionable glory.

Both are waiting to see if they are the last one standing.


Yet God speaks softly and quietly in the midst of all the noise and the hubbub:

            I AM reaching for you. Reach for Me. Reach beyond your failures. Beyond your disappointments. Beyond your lack. Reach out and take My hand and believe My Word. You will stand because I AM your fortress, your shield and your strong tower.

God reaches for us right where we are. He finds us without unarmed and without protection, unlovely and without fashion, without any external help or ornamentation. Because…

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Enjoy God’s Lavish Accommodations!

Amen! ♥

Rebekah Beene

I am blessed  with all... Ephesians 1:3  Bible Verse Vinyl Wall Decal Quotes

While attending a seminar recently, we stayed in a really nice motel that had a block of rooms reserved for the attendees from out of town. It was a very nice room. Large and spacious, you could say it was lavish as far as motel rooms go. We enjoyed it thoroughly and laughed that we’d like to remodel our own master bedroom at home after the accommodations.

Songs are sung and people discuss how faith is and how heaven will be. “Give me a cabin in the corner of glory land”  comes to mind as everyone just wants to make it to heaven. Somehow we think that God will let us be miserly in heaven. We presume that we can’t accept the idea of a mansion – we don’t deserve it. So we hope that as we barely make it God will somehow let us have a little cabin, small…

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What Wonderful Things God has Ordered for You

Rebekah Beene

Our youngest daughter and her husband have been remodeling their house. Our son in law got the call that the new windows were in, so he headed to the city to pick them up. When he got there, the salesperson found out that the windows were damaged in transit and never taken off the truck. They were returned immediately. He should not have even gotten a call for those windows. Damaged goods are returned to the manufacturer before they even go on the store’s inventory.

The enemy wants you to receive damaged goods. And he wants you to pay for it all. Satan wants to mess up the delivery, force you to take it and hope that you believe it’s what you deserve. He wants you to be confused and in turmoil about your salvation, your walk, your blessings and your future. He orders fear – a huge order of…

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