God’s Light Shines Our Dark Places

beautiful words!!!

Rebekah Beene

flashlight shining in a cabinet - Google Search

I love my big kitchen but the lower cabinets are so dark inside that it’s really hard to find what I need. Yesterday I had hunted and hunted for a large glass lid to cover the squash I was steaming. I finally gave up and asked my hubby to look for me. He got down on the floor and with a flashlight he managed to find the lid. It wasn’t that far back but because of the darkness it was impossible to see. As soon as the light illuminated it we had success.

It took effort. We could have said forget it. We could have tried another means to cook the vegetables. We could have left it all there and walked away to a restaurant. But we kept searching and working together we found just what we needed.

Oh beloved, have you been searching for any flicker of light in…

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